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Brett Slatkin, Robert Scoble and Kevin Marks on 'PubSubHubBub'

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Brett_Slatkin_Google_Image_The_Omni_Intelligencer_216If you have been wondering exactly what the significance of and RSS Cloud are….and if you have been wondering what in the world ‘Pub Sub Hub bub’ is….you are in luck!

We at The Omni Intelligencer have deep admiration for the wizards who are instrumental in making ‘feed technology’ happen. Anyone working with an internet publication (ranging from simple social networking to publishing a blog or an online news outlet), relies on the ingenuity of our ‘engineer techie’ friends. When an update needs to happen…it magically happens with the click of a mouse.

One of our favorite blogs recently mentioned the following video which is a January 14th, 2010 episode of the popular online podcast, ‘The Gillmore Gang.’ In this episode Brett Slatkin (software engineer at Google on the App Engine team), Robert Scoble (best known for his blog-Scobleizer), and Kevin Marks (VP of web services at BT-formerly British Telecom) discuss some of what is actually happening when the ‘magic’ of RSS is implemented.

Brett Slatkin leads the discussion as he tracks PubSubHubbub's progress as the bridge between RSS and realtime feeds. PubSubHubbub is a server-to-server web-hook-based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol as an extension to Atom and RSS. It delivers updated content in real-time from a pinged hub server out to all subscribers that have requested updates. The group explores what some of the more relevant applications are going to be and how it will affect real time news outlets and public updates (as in dot gov information and amber alerts).


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  • Sanders supporters banned from Tinder after campaigning on dating app 5 Feb 2016 | 6:57 pm

    haley-tattooStumping for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tinder is getting some women banned from the online dating app after sending campaign messages to prospective matches. Two women - one from Iowa and the other from New Jersey - confirmed to Reuters on Friday that they received notices from Tinder in the previous 24 hours that their accounts were locked because they had been reported too many times for peppering men on the site with messages promoting Sanders' candidacy. Robyn Gedrich, 23, said she sent messages to 60 people a day for the past two weeks trying to convince them to support the U.S. senator from Vermont in his race for the Democratic nomination against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  • Twitter suspends over 125,000 accounts for 'promoting terrorist acts' 5 Feb 2016 | 4:50 pm

    A 3D printed Twitter logo is seen in this illustration picture made in ZenicaBy Yasmeen Abutaleb WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Twitter Inc has shut down more than 125,000 terrorism-related accounts since the middle of 2015, most of them linked to the Islamic State group, the company said in a blog post on Friday. Twitter has said it only takes down accounts when they are reported by other users, but said that it has increased the size of teams monitoring and responding to reports and has decreased its response time "significantly." ( Twitter's announcement comes as many tech companies – led by Facebook – have taken stronger steps to police controversial content online in the face of threats from legislators to force the companies to report "terrorist activity" on their sites to law enforcement.

  • Florida 'Facebook killer' gets life in prison for wife's murder 5 Feb 2016 | 4:37 pm

    Miami-Dade Police Department handout photo of Derek MedinaA Florida man convicted of second-degree murder after killing his wife and posting a photo of her blood-spattered body on Facebook was sentenced to life in prison on Friday. "You foretold your future," said Florida circuit court Judge Yvonne Colodny before handing down the sentence. A jury late last year rejected his contention that he was acting in self-defense when he killed his wife, 27-year-old Jennifer Alfonso, in the kitchen of their Miami-area residence.

  • U.S., Britain eye letting spy agencies, police seek email, chat data from companies 5 Feb 2016 | 4:19 pm

    An illustration picture shows a projection of text on the face of a woman in BerlinBy Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. and UK spy agencies and police may soon be allowed to directly ask media companies in each others' countries for email and online chat data for people being investigated, under a tentative bilateral deal, officials said on Friday. As governments worldwide and online companies struggle to strike a balance between privacy rights and law enforcement imperatives, three U.S. officials confirmed a pact is in the works, although it would require congressional approval. First reported by The Washington Post, the talks were focused on letting UK agencies, such as counter-intelligence unit MI5, serve "production orders" on U.S. firms demanding data for “live intercepts” in inquiries involving UK citizens.

  • LinkedIn shares dive more than 40 pct, $11 bln wiped out 5 Feb 2016 | 3:00 pm

    The logo for LinkedIn Corporation, a social networking website for people in professional occupations, is pictured in Mountain ViewLinkedIn Corp's shares plunged as much as 43 percent on Friday, wiping out nearly $11 billion of market value, after the social network for professionals shocked Wall Street with a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations. The stock sank to a three-year low of $109.50, registering its sharpest decline since the company's high-profile public listing in 2011. At least seven brokerages downgraded the stock from "buy" to "hold" or their equivalents, saying the company's lofty valuation was no longer justified.

  • Twitter users cool toward mellow Coldplay ahead of Super Bowl 5 Feb 2016 | 2:25 pm

    NFL: Super Bowl 50-Halftime Show Press ConferenceBy Anjali Athavaley and Amy Tennery NEW YORK (Reuters) - British rock band Coldplay may have won several Grammy awards for its music, but it has yet to convince Twitter users that its mellow ballads are suited for the normally peppy Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday. On Friday, many on the social media platform poked fun at the band, known for brooding songs that are starkly different from the bubbly hits of last year's performer, Katy Perry. The jokes came in response to a push to popularize the hashtag #BetterHalftimeShows by the late-night show "Midnight," which airs on the Comedy Central network.

  • Showdown in Europe over privacy has U.S. firms ducking for cover 5 Feb 2016 | 6:29 am

    Illustration picture of application icons of Facebook Twitter and Google on iPhone next to earphone set in BerlinBy Eric Auchard FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The free flow of data across the Atlantic, the lifeblood of modern business dealings, faces an uncertain future, despite a belated, high-level deal between European and U.S. officials this week. Restive regulators in Europe are gearing up to enforce tough privacy laws and further court challenges await, activists say. The breakdown of the main framework for providing legal cover for cross-border data transfers has companies large and small racing to find workable alternatives.

  • China calls for crackdown on illegal fundraising platforms 4 Feb 2016 | 7:34 pm

    A map of China is seen through a magnifying glass on a computer screen showing binary digits in SingaporeBeijing has called on local authorities to crack down on illegal fundraising platforms after China's largest online peer-to-peer (P2P) lender was found to have collected more than 50 billion yuan ($7.6 billion) for fake investment projects. The State Council said on its website late on Thursday that strict precautions must be taken to prevent future illegal fundraising cases, and that the government would work to educate the public better about such financial risks. Detained executives from the parent company of Ezubao, once China's biggest P2P lending platform, have said the firm was a Ponzi scheme that advertised products promising annual returns of up to 14 percent, attracting 50 billion yuan from more than 900,000 investors.

  • LinkedIn forecasts weak first-quarter profit, shares plunge 4 Feb 2016 | 6:46 pm

    The logo for LinkedIn Corporation, a social networking networking website for people in professional occupations, is shown in Mountain ViewLinkedIn Corp forecast first-quarter revenue and profit below Wall Street estimates as growth slows in its ads business and its hiring services face pressure outside North America, dragging its shares down 28 percent after the bell. Online ad revenue growth slowed to 20 percent in the fourth quarter from 56 percent a year earlier as automated ads offered by Alphabet Inc's Google make its traditional ad displays less attractive to advertisers. LinkedIn has been spending heavily on expansion by buying companies, hiring sales personnel and growing its presence in China and other markets outside the United States as it tries to strengthen its core recruitment services business.

  • Si or no? U.S. states debate swapping computer coding for languages 4 Feb 2016 | 5:52 pm

    Two students study computer game design at Middleton High School in Tampa FloridaFlorida high school student Brooke Stewart would gladly swap two required foreign language classes to become fluent in JavaScript or Python, the coding languages she uses to design computer games. A measure championed by a former Yahoo executive, who is now a Florida legislator, would allow students to substitute traditional foreign language studies for immersion in coding, the lingua franca of the technology era. Enthusiasm for teaching coding to American students is widespread, with President Barack Obama in his latest weekly radio address calling for computer science to join the "three R's" - reading, writing and arithmetic.

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