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This is The Omni Intelligencer

We have provided some interesting features here that make it inviting to use The Omni Intelligencer

When you are ready, we’d love to have you sign up for a free account and start posting your articles here!

It takes a minute and costs nothing…!

It takes less time to register on this site than it takes to read this page. All you need is a valid email address, username and password. Once you register, go to your email and click on the link sent to you in the email we send you. That's it; sign in and start writing.

Multiple topics … no waiting for approval.

You can be posting articles in minutes.  You’ll be able to post articles on any topic you are passionate about today.  If you have a passion in several topics, just go ahead and post articles on those topics too.  You are not tied to a narrow topic or any topic at all.

Great article editor and easy interface

It is quite easy to post your articles.  We have one of the most advanced but simple online WYSIWYG editors. It is almost as easy to write your articles online as writing on a word processor such as MS Word.  However, if you prefer to write on your word processor and then cut and paste it into the online editor, you can do that with very little tweaking if any.

Organize images in your own private folder

You can easily upload images into your own private folder on the site and available for insertion in your articles.  You can even upload a number of images at once.  Please make sure you have proper permissions.

Did you say video?

You can easily embed YouTube, Hulu, or any other videos.  You get the embed codes from YouTube, Hulu, or any other provider of the video.

Tags and metatags?

We’ve taken care of that too.  When you save your article, we will automatically find the keywords and description for your article and add them into the file!

Networking done automatically

We send a message to our twitter feed stream announcing your new article. Other networks coming soon. Any visitor can also share any article with their networking sites with the click of an icon on top or bottom of the article.

Networked commenting system

You can choose to keep your comments local to the site or share with your networks.  You can subscribe to comment streams of article you comment on.

List of your articles on your pages

When you write an article, a list of your other articles will be on your article page and your visitors can hop to your other article as well as related articles.

Great collaborative community

The synergy of varied interests and articles, related and not, enhances everyone’s experience.  All articles are organized in an orderly manner for easy navigation by any visitor.

Your own advertising

You can embed a Google ad within your article if you wish, and place links back to your website.  This website is supported by ads displayed on the pages when visitors or users click on them.