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I'm Headed for Nasscom Foundation's Indian Leadership Forum in Mumbai

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The Nasscom Foundation in India is the epicenter of nonprofit technology and social innovation.   They are hosting the Global CSR track at the Indian Leadership Forum in Mumbai Feb 9-11.   I'll not only be speaking at the conference and CSR Track, but will be leading two workshops for NGO and CSR practitioners.   Nasscom Foundation is a partner of TechSoup Global and has an impressive technology product donation program called "BIGTech"

Here's how they describe their mission and impact.

NASSCOM Foundation was set up to support the Indian IT industry’s role in nation building and to promote the underprivileged to help them become self-reliant and productive participants in the country’s progress. NF's focus is on scaling up its NASSCOM Knowledge Network and forging key partnerships. NF has launched BiG Tech a technology philanthropy program with the objective to provide technology support to non-profit and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

The conference, Indian Leadership Forum, is a three-day for the Indian IT industry, with a third day devoted to CSR and NGOS.   This year they have a record registration of 1650 delegates from India and other countries from around the world.

I arrive in Mumbai very early in the morning on Monday before the conference gets underway on Tuesday.  I hope to bring you live blog and tweet reports as I can - depending wifi and jet lag - during the conference's first day.   You can follow along on the official conference blog or twitter account.  The official conference tag is #NLIF and the conference will be covered by a cadre of influential technology bloggers:

On Wednesday, February 10, I will leading a discussion on "Should CEOs or Executive Director's Use Social Media?"  In preparation for this talk, I asked my readers and twitter followers to answer that question and provide resources here.  It will be interesting to compare the perspective from India.

On Thursday, February 11, I will be speaking on an panel called "Reaching out to the Bottom of the Pryamid" moderated by Ms Seemantinee Khot of the Suzlon Foundation and thrilled to be on the same panel as Vijay Talwar from the Clinton Foundation and Gaurav Mishra of 20 :20 Social (who has guest posted on this blog and who always inspired me).

Then onto teaching two workshops.   I'll be adapting my Social Media Strategy workshop which has traveled to Romania, Australia, and Cambodia.   Been researching and asking for referrals for NGO examples in India.  The second workshop is for CSR practitioners -- and I will adapting the workshop I did for PopTech and for OSI.  One lesson I've learned is prepare while on site -- this will be last stage of customization - because it is really hard to understand the culture and audience from this far away. 

The last part of the trip will allow me to visit the Taj Mahal and hope to see the bears at WildlifeSOS before heading back.

Beth_Kanter_image_The_Omni_Intelligencer_125The above is a post from the award winning blog of Beth Kanter, called Beth's Blog: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Use Social Media to Power Social Networks for Change


Sell your house faster for more. auction-style-property-sale
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