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My love hate relationship with the IPAD

I look at the IPAD from three different points of view. One I look at it from a consumer stand point. Two I look at it from a parent of an autistic individual stand point. And lastly I look at it from a computer developers stand point. I have not convinced myself yet, if I …

Boxee: Entertainment in the age of democratized content

Have you been wondering exactly what is available these days to Facebook using, Twitter tweeting, TV watching, PC using, ‘Interactive’ people like you? Well, one avenue to pursue, if you haven’t already, is a service called, “Boxee.”  Some people watch all of their TV …

iPhone 'Square' demo with Kevin Rose

We simply love technology. Never before have we been able to be so connected…so completely…so easily. In this video Kevin Rose demonstrates a beta version of a new startup called Square. What Kevin is showing is a prototype device and it plugs directly into an iPhone, allowi…

Tablet demo: Sports Illustrated gives tablet demo ‘sneak peek’

Following the lead of Conde' Nast's tablet/digital magazine demo using Wired as demo for tablet computing....we now have the following YouTube video sporting a mock-up of Sports Illustrated being viewed on a tablet computer. Those who remember the old main frame computers an…

Apple Tablet: The iPad is here, so....what's next?

In case you missed today’s big roll out of Apple’s new iPad tablet computer, Leo Laporte has uploaded some video of the event. As I watched Steve Job’s presentation and the capability of this newest addition to the ‘mac world’ of technology, my jaw nearly dropped to the floo…

Pranav Mistry & His Amazing SixthSense Technology

By Brian Wong  Regular readers of my blog know that I don't have access to Television in my home. I get my news and information entirely from online sources and I only choose to watch news from positive sources. One of my favorite pastimes is watching the presentations…

Google phone cometh!: Nexus One

An exciting technology announcement is to take place later today! Mashable's Pete Cashmore reports that Google phone, 'Nexus One', is launching January 5th. Mashable consistently supplies the best reports of technology innovations and is counted on to be one of the indu…
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