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Can I borrow someone’s dollar stretcher?

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Please StretchDoes anyone have a dollar stretcher I could borrow or could I pick from your money tree? Isn’t this something that most of us are wishing for right now. Unemployment rates are at an all time high and it seems that cutbacks and instability are have become a permanent part of our thinking.

I have often wondered how it would be to live in a country that gets hit by bombs on a regular bases or where there is fighting in the streets. What is the mindset of those that live there? How do they survive from day to day? I know this is an analogy that is dealing with life and death but I think most of us can apply it to our outlook of our job stability. It’s called conditioning.

Times have changed. Not too long ago the mindset of most Americans was that you would get a stable job and could stay with that company until you retire, if you wanted to. You would have a retirement and insurance waiting for you at the end of that duty.  Not so today, there are very few companies left that would fit this model and so we have gradually had to shift our paradigm in a new direction. We now have become conditioned to know that we can’t rely on a job anymore. We have to think and plan now like someone that lives in a country like I mentioned above. We have to think outside of the box, plan more and make escape routes for when war breaks out or when we hear the bomb siren going off. We may even travel lighter now and not grow roots as deep because we may not be staying in one location. For most of us life has changed. It’s not doom and gloom it’s just life and we survive.

We lean more on each other. We lend a helping hand and we gain a stronger appreciation and love for fellow human beings.

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