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Early childhood literature based curriculum

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Kathleen Tehrani

Pictures_from_previous_computer_8-22-09_093One of the greatest pleasures in life is a great read. Books are a window to places we can often only dream of. A well-written book can open perspective about nearly everything, which in turn can dramatically change not only a viewpoint, but also a person's "way of being".

In the early childhood classroom, some of the best lessons are born of fun and fanciful, or true and touching, children's literature. There are several ways to approach literature-based teaching, and this series of articles will attempt to describe three of these: author based, thematic based and repetitious (or predictable) literature.

Whether in the early childhood classroom or working with your child at home, a comfortable space for reading and either an adjacent, or an incorporated, space for writing is important when considering environment setup. When reading/writing areas are accessible to block and imaginative play spaces, a thread of continuity becomes present in the learning process and math (spatial concepts, quantitative reasoning), language development (reading and writing) run right into imaginative play.

Cross-curricular activities result in print rich environments and children often learn at an extremely accelerated rate. Old adages become old for a reason, and certainly "Reading is the magic key that takes you where you want to be." How to make the most of early childhood literature will be explored in this series of articles and there is certainly a vast wealth of resources. 

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