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What has my cup of Tea to do with carbon footprints?

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Yogi Tobye

We drink a lot of Tea in Ireland, more so even than in England. Ever since I was a little chisler, my Mum's been shouting at me for putting too much water in the kettle (it takes longer to boil you see) and my Dad always made sure I knew how to make a proper cuppa... ok, you want to know how to make a proper cuppa don't you? Here goes...

41DKj3AyrzL._SS400_First, always warm the teapot (yes you have to use a teapot), while you're waiting for the kettle to boil, add to the teapot one teaspoon of tea leaves for each person and one for the pot (yes, tea leaves... only a heretic would use tea bags!). When the kettle comes to the boil, poor the water in the tea pot (don't leave the kettle to go off the boil before pooring the water into the pot.... a big no-no!) and cover the pot with a cosy ( a tea towel will do if you dont own a cosy ). Ater waiting a couple of minutes for the tea to "brew", remove the cozy (or tea towel) stir the tea leaves with the teaspoon and replace cozy (or tea towel). Now you can organise your cup.... the milk has to (on pain of death) go into the cup first. If you put the milk in last, you will scald the milk and the tea will taste disgusting. So a little milk in the cup, then use the tea strainer ( that's the thingamajig that stops the tea leaves going into the tea cup.... unless of course you happen to be a fortuneteller and your livelyhood depends on tea leaves in the bottom of the cup!) to poor the tea into the cup, adding sugar to taste after. Phew!

So, you can imagine my absolute horror and disgust when, arriving in Arizona, I was confronted by people (who shall remain nameless) boiling water in the microwave, with a teabag already in the cup and then adding milk after the fact! Now, Tea bags are a strange thing for traditional tea makers because, you can't put the milk in first because the water wont be hot enough and the tea wont "brew".... hence the acceptance of the milk being added last by traditionalists. But, BUT! boiling water in a cup in a microwave "avec" teabag is just....... well it's just wrong!!

So, like myself, I know you guys love your gadgets and I'd just like to take the opportunity of showing you some of the great environmentally friendly one cup kettles that are on the market. I live on my own and i find it great to just be able to put my cup underneath and just press a button, recieving boiling water in my cup in under a minute!

And this is the one I personally use
Sell your house faster for more. auction-style-property-sale
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