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What do you choose for 2010?

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Kathleen Tehrani

2010_image_The_Omni_Intelligencer_100What do you wish were different in your life? Is everything exactly the way you would like for it to be? How much control do you believe you have over changes you would like to see manefested in the coming year?

One of the most destructive misperceptions in existence is that we lack personal power. Each of us, within each moment, makes a choice or choices. Consciously or unconsciously we choose:

  • to love or fear...
  • to take authority or to be passive...
  • to have a consciousness of lack, or of supply...
  • to exist in a state of misery or bliss.

We choose our thoughts, our emotions and ultimately our circumstances. To deny that we are creative forces in this earthly existence abdicates our authority as unique expressions of (God, the divine, the absolute, universal consciousness….insert your term of preference) and causes us to wonder, “Who, what and why in the world am I?”

The following video gives a wonderful glimpse of how powerful our individual choices are for ourselves, our community and our world. Many say,  ”As above, so below.” I would further state, ‘As within, so without’, which leads to Mahatma Ghandi’s wonderful quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”...the practical application would be, "Your thoughts become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your destiny."

What do you choose for 2010?

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