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Interview with Dr. William Tiller, renowned physicist

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Kathleen Tehrani
Tiller_in_payson_250'A humble, articulate, kind and brilliant man'.... This description applies to many individuals throughout history who had the intelligence and wisdom to stand in awe of, then pass along, timely information the universe had to impart to mankind. We are fortunate, in the present, to have the gift of William Tiller with us.

With great pleasure and gratitude, I share the following exchange with Scientist and Author, Dr. William Tiller. My appreciation for Dr. Tiller and his work is due to the fact that he has provided a missing 'qualitative and quantitative link' between the seen and the unseen through his years of exhaustive research and deep introspection.

The biographical statement from his website,, provides a glimpse into his extensive background in science and research:

"Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, of Stanford University's Department of Materials Science, spent 34 years in academia after 9 years as an advisory physicist with the Westinghouse Research Laboratories. He has published over 250 conventional scientific papers, 3 books and several patents. In parallel, for over 30 years, he has been avocationally pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics which will very likely become an integral part of "tomorrow's" physics. In this new area, he has published an additional 100 scientific papers, four seminal books, 2 DVDs and 10 white papers."

After years of following his work through video presentations and written publications, I sent a short list of initial questions to Dr. Tiller. In response we had the following telephone conversation, and with his permission, I share it with you now:

Kathleen: Dr. Tiller, thank you so much for your time. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this opportunity. My first question is: Is there more acceptance for the theories for 'Actualizing the Human Genome' than was evidenced when you began your work?

Dr. Tiller: Orthodox science can specify and catalogue distinctive features of the human genome but has absolutely No capability to deal with the consciousness and intention needed to be activated before actualization of the human genome can occur. I don't think that my work has influenced orthodox science at all because they chose not to look at the experimental data. They seek internal self-consistency with the orthodox worldview and that paradigm is totally Incapable of dealing with any aspect of human consciousness. This is because the prevailing paradigm is a Space Time-Only paradigm while phenomena like consciousness, intention, emotion, mind and spirit are not space time phenomena...they are not space time dependent phenomena but actually require a reference frame from beyond space time. That's a key kernel in all this difficulty with respect to the orthodox view and, we'll call it a more....enlightened or expanded view.

The other main example we know of was the example of the priests in the day of Galileo and Copernicus, Kepler and Newton. Basically they (the priests) thought that they knew what the answer was without looking through the telescope at the experimental data. And that hubris proves to be a human....thing, that when people with supposed knowledge get into positions of power for a long time, they have a world view and everything that they do is related to generating internal self consistency of that view. If something falls outside that view, it is rejected by such a group because it cannot possibly fit, because it is not internally self consistent with their view. Sad but true. And it's a human condition and today's scientific community, today's orthodox scientific community, are just like those old priests. They have their hubris and they protect themselves by not looking at the experimental data that is not internally self consistent with their world view. Now that's not good science. Good science is supposed to look beyond these kinds of things. But it's there and it's a very human kind of thing...peer group related, money support related...all kinds of things.

Kathleen: So the expansion of consciousness is not at all one of the aims of the scientific community today?

Dr. Tiller: Well, and ever since the days of Descartes, the unstated assumption of science, has been that "No human qualities of consciousness, intentions, emotion, mind or spirit can significantly influence the well designed target experiment in physical reality. Now, our experimental work shows that that is totally wrong, in today's world.

Kathleen: Absolutely, and that's why it's so difficult to understand why No One....outside of the metaphysical talking about this.

Dr. Tiller: And it is because of the internal self consistency cannot deliver truth, science tries to generate internal self consistency with respect to a particular world view. That's all it can do...and it does very well within the framework of that world view, but nature is much much larger than that world view. We are pushing that boundary now. It is important for humanity to push that boundary because things are beginning to happen a big way. So the general public is responding now but the orthodox scientific community....Is Not.

Kathleen: Would you say that the majority of humanity....of human kind....are aware of this?

Dr. Tiller: Yes, normal folk, they see THEIR internal self consistency....that is that all of their emotional content and their mental content and all their feeling content they deeply, deep down know that there is something there, but they have been fed this, hmm, orthodox science belief that says they are nothing but meat. And the other stuff is just not important.

Kathleen: It seems that all of science points to the fact that the micro and the macro....mirror one another, and ultimately doesn't it stand to reason that everything is contained within every point of everything else.

Dr. Tiller: Exactly, if one goes deeply enough. You see, space time is our cognitive...domain. And the things that I am talking about, they are beyond space time. They are part of the larger whole.

Kathleen: But they are dimensional, correct?

Dr. Tiller: They are not spatial...and seemingly not temporal. But by my modeling, it is a frequency domain. All of the things of the physical vacuum are basically frequency domains - related so that the coordinate systems are NOT spatial or temporal. They're beyond that they're outside...because they are frequencies they are everywhere and everywhen.

Kathleen: Every "When". I love that.

Dr. Tiller: So basically that is the dichotomy as I see it and I think I'm pretty close, very close to the truth in this regard.

Kathleen: Oh without a doubt.

Dr. Tiller: And the orthodox community, now they're good guys, but they're terribly stuck. And they have all this, they don't recognize it as fear, but it is that.

Kathleen: Now the Masters Dr. Tiller, when they talk about the sound current and Shabd, and things of that nature, is that basically just different terminology for what we're discussing?

Dr. Tiller: It is in the same area of physics. I have not, yet, pursued the sound aspects, shakti and those kinds of things, but they're in the next domain of physics that we will explore in this century.

Kathleen: Have you completed any further studies with Stanislav O'jack (from your EFT presentation)? And if so, what were the outcomes of these studies?

Dr. Tiller: Stanislav O'Jack and I are good friends and talk with each other every month, in fact I talked with him this past Sunday, but haven't done any more specific research since the 1970's.

Kathleen: Would you say that the success of Stanislav's intention experiment (with Kodak camera and film) were due to the fact that he was, in essence, a 'human conditioned space'?

Dr. Tiller: Let me describe how I interpret that. Stanislav is a significantly inner self-managed soul and is an extremely spiritually directed man of the Bahai faith. In that regard, he is well-connected to unseen dimensions of the universe. His body infrastructure is well developed at non-physical dimensions and his biofield broadcasts such higher-dimensional information. All humans appear to have their acupuncture meridian system at the coupled state of physical reality but most humans have not expressed the desire to seriously develop this aspect of themselves. Stanislav, on the other hand, has seriously pursued such inner development via his mature Love for humanity. That's Stanislav. So, in essence, he IS kind of....a highly conditioned space...because of his work on himself, because of his love, his faith, his yearning desire to serve and help. Those are the ingredients that one uses to condition their space.

Kathleen: Are the use of crystals, sacred items or other such 'training wheels' simplistic versions of intention host devices?

Dr. Tiller: Yes, and the key is to strongly Empower Them with your emotional intent!

Kathleen: Are the terms "Deltron Activation" and "Moving Heart Energy" synonymous?

Dr. Tiller: Deltrons are probably involved in "moving heart energy", but deltron activation is an essential process for conditioning a space from the normal, uncoupled state of physical reality to the partially coupled state of physical reality. Only then, can your intention "tune" the space to manifest a specific intention! So, okay, there's a relationship here not in any way quantitative because they're not one to one. They're in the same ball park. And we don't know enough yet to answer your question properly.

Kathleen: In an article about your work is the following statement: "In this century, our job is to provide the quantitative relationship connecting the last two terms, energy and consciousness plus a reliable theory for the convertibility of any term to any other term. Thus, it is time for humans to both understand and seriously connect their individual inner worlds to the collective outer world and vice versa."-Based on this statement, (in addition to inner self management techniques), what and how can a member of the general public contribute to this end goal?

Dr. Tiller: In the "Big Picture", one can only try to perfect themselves with respect to thoughts, attitudes and actions and try to follow "the great Commandment" Love thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul and thy neighbor as thyself.

Look upon physical life in this space time classroom as a joyous adventure. Give to life, others and the world, the very best that you have to offer of yourself. Do this in all the small ways as well as the big ways. Be of service to others. Never give up and be joyful. Radiate your joy to the world around you and "keep on keeping on."

Does that work for you?

Kathleen: Very much so. I just love you Dr. Tiller. Okay, yes that's perfect.

What successes have you experienced or observed regarding 'distance healing' and the IIED thus far?

Dr. Tiller: I have casually observed distance healing by others via the telephone to locations anywhere on the planet but have not attempted a serious scientific study of the phenomenon except in the specific area of Reconnective healing.

With our Intention-Host Devices, we have conducted four carefully designed experiments that will ultimately change the world:

1. Change the pH (acid/alkaline balance) of water both UP or DOWN by one pH-unit with no chemical additives. This has been replicated by others in the U.S. and Europe.

2. Increased the chemical activity of the liver enzyme ALP (Alkaline phosphatase) by 25 to 30% by just 30 minutes exposure to an experimental space that had been conditioned to a higher than normal coupled state of physical reality at p<0.001.

3. Increased the ratio of ATP, the energy storage molecule, to its chemical precursor ADP in the cells of living fruit fly larvae by about 15% to 20% at p<0.001 by exposure during their entire lifetime to the adult fly state (~25 days). This significantly increased their physical fitness and significantly (~25%) decreased the larval development time to the adult fly stage. At the moment we are beginning to apply this new technology that have serious business applications in our everyday world.

Okay. When I looked at this terribly difficult issue of how to help the orthodox scientific community, I tried to think of what ways might help them become... unstuck. The first one was in the area of medicine because already there have been complimentary, alternative and the beginnings of energy and information medicine. And so I have been writing and doing things to point out the very different underlying physics for both orthodox medicine and CAM... alternative kinds of medicine. Orthodox medicine deals with the uncoupled state of reality whereas CAM, energy and information medicine deal with the partially coupled state of physical reality.

And so, in orthodox medicine you can certainly do double blind experiments and they have a good chance of working. And you can do randomized trials and they have a good chance of working...but they are being seriously perturbed by the biofields of the human, and this causes difficulties.... and because of the human biofields and the connectivity that's developing the placebo effect is no longer on the order of 10% like it was 30 years ago, now it's about 75 to 80%, so many many pharmaceutical trials will not pass through the eye of the needle. And there are lots of orthodox instruments via which you can measure relative to the orthodox medical community. And they think that's the way that everything should be of course. And therefore they try to impose those kinds of things on the CAM, information and energy medicine community and these really deal with humans at the coupled state of physical reality. So they get all kinds of phenomena that are hugely coherent compared to random, and they get a connectivity developing over long distances between humans so you can never do a double blind experiment that has any chance of succeeding and they know of only our own instruments that can measure these things quantitatively. But this is only the beginning...and our foundations are so different. Now, if orthodox medicine is successful in squashing CAM, energy and information medicine it will set medicine back at least 100 years. So anyway, that's my position on that.

Kathleen: Dr. Tiller, my understanding is that miracles happen very often when a culture or group of people hold the collective knowledge that miracles are possible (as in secluded villages or extreme religious orders). Is this due to the heart energy activation that comes from a state of "knowing" or "feeling it to be so" rather than from the mental construct or mental "belief" that lacks the feeling? In other words, do miracles come more easily to those who feel it deeply rather than to those who merely hold the cognitive idea?

Dr. Tiller: Well, the first issue is, even when we imprint things, it's really important to give emotional content to the intent. me, what you call a miracle, is just an expected outcome from applying a level of natural science and technology to a situation that is so far beyond the orthodox paradigm of a society that it boggles the mind of orthodox practitioners. This happens because it is not internally self-consistent with what they know and understand-so they label it a miracle.

Feeling a thing deeply, despite orthodox belief, allow the built-in infrastructure of a human to manifest capabilities far beyond the expectations of that orthodox belief. The heart is a wonderful instrument for manifesting such unexpected phenomena.

Kathleen: From the prior question, have you conducted any experiments that may be able to quantify or qualify if that is so?

Dr. Tiller: We have discovered:

1. An effective intention-host device for lifting an experimental space from our normal uncoupled state of physical reality (the U(1) EM gauge symmetry state) to the higher coupled state of physical reality (the SU(2) EM gauge symmetry state) and

2. A quantitative detector for the aqueous H+ ion so that we can track the thermodynamic excess free energy, δ G H+ * as the experimental space changes from the uncoupled state to the coupled state of physical reality. It appears that only when the space is in the coupled state can human consciousness, in the form of a specific Intention, significantly alter physical reality. We have not yet tried the experiment that you have proposed.

Now the thing that's important to add here is that we have shown that the human acupuncture meridian system is already at the coupled level of physical reality. So the necessary infrastructure to internally utilize ones own intentions, is already built into people. It seems to me. Now, many many more experiments are needed to validate's so important, but from everything that I can see, we have that ability to change ourselves from a normal individual, to an adept, to a master and eventually to an avatar. Ultimately all of us in our evolution are going to follow that path.

Kathleen: Is there a formal group of individuals, working in a collaborative fashion, using your devices, other than those mentioned in your white paper experiments?

Dr. Tiller: The answer is the moment, but it seems to be that many people are reaching out to purchase these devices and so in the future that's certainly a possibility. It's important for people to work on themselves and we're trying whenever we can to help make that possible for them. The devices are available but they are not necessarily user friendly for the uninitiated. And it takes money to convert those devices into well engineered reliable user friendly feedback devices. So that's where we are.

This ended my first encounter with Dr. William Tiller. In order to facilitate an ongoing dialogue in the general population, I will be discussing this first exchange along with the contents of his third white paper titled: Why CAM and Orthodox Medicine Have Some Very Different Science Foundations with some complimentary, naturopathic, ayurvedic and functional medicine doctors and practitioners. Please join us as we explore the medical applications of Dr. Tiller's model.

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