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Andreas Weigend, PhD, Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn discuss Social data VIDEO

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Andreas_Weigend_PhD_image_The_Omni_Intelligencer150Social data. Most of us non-techie types have a vague understanding of the concept, but what is it really? Recently we began following the blog of Andreas S. Weigend who, previously unbeknownst to us, is a pioneer in this field. He has crafted data collection for many high profile companies such as and is an advisor for established firms such as Alibaba, Best Buy, Lufthansa, MySpace, ThomsonReuters and Nokia. In his spare time Dr. Weigend also manages to teach at Stanford and UC Berkeley. Weigend’s website has information, both written and video, that gives some insight into what data mining is, who accumulates the data and how it is used.

A video from his website, shown below, contains footage of Weigend and Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn, engaged in an interesting conversation.  Weigend says some call LinkedIn, “The Reputation system of the world.” In this conversation Hoffman explains the importance of external representation in terms of identity ecosystems, economic ecosystems and psychological ecosystems.


Sell your house faster for more. auction-style-property-sale
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