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Why Am I Here? - Part 2

I’m not here to fix a broken world, I’m here to notice all the ways the world is doing fine.   I’m not here to feel others’ pain, I’m here to applaud their triumphs.   I’m not here to grieve over the departed, I’m here to know there is no death.   I’m not here to st…

Why Am I Here?

I’m not here to be perfect, I’m here to be happy.   I’m not here to be perfectly happy, I’m here to be work-in-progress happy.   I’m not here to tough it out, I’m here to savor this moment.   I’m not here to notice what’s wrong, I’m here to celebrate what’s right. …

How Can I Find My Cure?

To find a cure for any illness, I must first understand its cause. The culprit is not viral, bacterial, genetic, or an unhealthy environment or lifestyle. Although any of these may be precipitating factors, they are not the cause. All illness is, at its core, unhappy though…

What About Guilt?

Sometimes I may experience nagging self-reproach about not living up to expectations. Maybe other people are reinforcing such a belief or maybe I’ve assimilated it from my culture. “I should give more. I should do more. I should be more. I should’ve done better in the past.…

What About Grief?

There is no death, other than that of the physical body. We are each eternal beings - parcels of Source energy - and we’ll live forever, returning time and again to physical expression for the joy, adventure, and creative opportunities offered here. When a loved one dies, I…

Does Smoking Cause Cancer?

As outrageous as it sounds, smoking does not cause cancer. Smoking may well be a precipitating factor/straw that breaks the camel’s back, but it’s not the underlying cause. There is no illness, disorder, syndrome, or even accident that can happen to anyone without first be…

How Do I Boost My Self-Esteem?

I may have felt like a klutz, dolt, or outsider much of my life. And other people and circumstances probably reinforced the view I held of myself. In fact, they may have helped me start my downward spiral way-back-when. So what? Even the most deeply rooted patterns can be c…

What About Immigration?

Through the Law of Attraction, I magnetize my circumstances through my mental focus. When I say, “Yes, yes!” to any person or condition, I’m beckoning it. And the same is true when I say, “No, no!” This principle holds true in all aspects of society. If many people in a cou…

How Am I Guided?

I may regularly experience unseen guidance. It might come to me in the form of intuitive hunches, circumstances that seem to say, “Go this way!” or simply finding myself in the right place at the right time. Many people experience an increased sense of this kind of guidance …

How Can I Become Free?

How do I escape aspects of life that leave me feeling trapped? Perhaps it’s a bossy parent or difficult spouse, a dead-end job, mountains of debt, some sort of disability, or a troubled past. How do I move beyond circumstances and breathe fresh air? The fastest path to libe…

How Do I Circumvent Trouble?

Suppose I lived in a nasty part of town. High crime. Run-down properties. Lots of car accidents and misery. I’d probably look for a part of town where things are different. I would try to move to a place where danger and crime do not prevail. In reality, problems can shado…

How Do I Rid Myself of Physical Pain?

If I experience chronic pain, I can be thankful for the array of pain medications and treatments available today and for new ones being developed. Treatments, both conventional and alternative, offer hope for some relief. And there’s more good news: physical pain can be era…

Should I Fast and Cleanse?

Perhaps I’ve considered not eating for a day or more and at the same time using herbs and other food supplements to flush toxins out of my system. The goal is to cleanse my liver, colon, and other organs of unhealthy substances that accumulate. There is value in any process…

What Do Dreams Mean?

Dreams surely convey some sort of message to me if I can understand the language. If I find it fun to try to interpret the specific symbols of my dreams, fine and dandy. But if I find my dreams perplexing and mysterious, I can rest assured that I really only need to ask mys…

How Do I Rid Myself of Unwanted Thoughts?

It’s contrary to universal law to try to get rid of anything, for that which I focus on will grow in my experience - that or something equally unwanted. So…even though thoughts that I’ve identified as negative and self-sabotaging keep jumping into my cranium, it won’t do muc…
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