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What About Ethics & Morality?

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Karen Williams
Karen_Williams_Soul_Songs_Image_The_Omni_Intelligencer_175As I make it top priority to feel emotionally good, and as I accomplish that goal by thinking thoughts that cause me to feel emotionally good, will I become selfish? Will I transgress societal and religious moral codes?

No, quite the contrary.

At the heart of time-tested moral codes is the “golden rule”: Treat others as you, yourself, would like to be treated. This principle will shine forth as I work with my thoughts.

In the interest of feeling good emotionally, I’m learning to choose thoughts of appreciation, not criticism. I’m learning to release resentment and to give the benefit of the doubt. I’m learning to look for the positive aspects of people in order to draw more of that from them. I’m learning to focus on abundance, not lack; on my innate security, not threat. I’m learning there are no bad people - only people who might play that role in my experience due to my own distorted thinking.

I’m changing my habits of thought in my own self-interest, but everyone with whom I interact stands to benefit. As I increasingly choose better-feeling thoughts, I’ll be a better partner, parent, neighbor, and citizen.

As I practice choosing happier thoughts, I’ll become the happy person I’ve always known I could be, and I’ll begin to draw countless happy situations to me via Law of Attraction.

And joyful good things will spill over to others, everywhere I go.

--Soulsong #465

Sell your house faster for more. auction-style-property-sale
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