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Breath of the bumble bee.

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Yogi Tobye

Bumble_BeeThe yogic term is Bhramari pranayama, sometimes called the humming bee breath.

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine lovely and straight (DO NOT LIE DOWN). Let your hands just relax into your lap, chin is parallel to the ground, mouth is closed, teeth are slightly open.Take a few normal deep breaths like this.

Now, you can either bring your hands to prayer position at the heart centre or, lifting your arms with your elbows out wide gently use the index finger to press on the little fleshy flaps of skin around the ear, so closing the ear. Take a long breath out and then a long relaxed breath in (DON'T STRAIN THE BREATH). Then on the outbreath, in a controlled manner, make a humming sound like a bumble bee. The humming needs to be soft and controlled, just gently vibrating the brain and forehead. Try to bring your attention to the Ajna Chakra (directly in the middle of the eybrows... the third eye). Exhale all the breath while humming... this is one round.

Repeat for 5 rounds to start, when you're comfortable with it, move to ten rounds and build up eventually to 10/15 minutes.

Contraindications. Don't practice if you have an ear infection and if you have heart disease, never retain the breath.

Benefits. Bumble bee breath relieves stress and tension in the head. It helps alleviate anger and anxiety and is good for insomnia and it can also reduce high blood pressure. It strengthens the voice and throat (great for singers!). It also speeds up the body's healing process if it's used for up to 30 mins at a time (especially after an operation).

Have fun, remember to keep it light, don't strain too much or try to make people in the next room hear you!

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